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Dick Doherty

CIPM, Materials Expert & Steel Designer, Estimator & Field Project Manager and Inspector

Dick Doherty brings 40 plus years of expert knowledge to our firm within the fields of construction management and inspections, materials testing and troubleshooting, product installation, cost evaluation and management services, budget oversight, project management, plan review and proposals/bidding.Dick not only holds a certification as an International Project Manager (CIPM) but he is also certified for onsite special inspection of structural foundations which includes the placement of soil, concrete and reinforcement; and the inspections required by code for structural steel building components assembled with both welded and bolted connections.  His structural steel inspection experience includes design and fabrication knowledge as well as inspection review of same, and has developed relationships with local fabrication plants.  He has also performed inspections of many local commercial office buildings during their construction. Dick has inspected many homes and commercial buildings including the mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems as well as structural elements and systems, roof systems and has also evaluated the many cosmetic systems and elements and supply elements for systems.He brings to us many years of experience and knowledge of the many elements and systems used throughout past years, combined with the knowledge of current products available to building owners and property managers.
Commercial/Residential: Inspections and Project Management

  • Inspected structural steel frame construction of various large and small sized commercial projects. This included recently the new Soy processing plant for Cargil Corporation in North KC and the new green private Co-Op Ethanol production plant “Show Me Ethanol” in Carrollton, Mo.
  • Inspected local steel plants for fabrication compliance.
  • Field Project Managed and Inspected the Western Container Co foundation repair wall tie-back project.
  • Served as project construction inspector for the new wash out basin at Ash Grove Cement/Fordyce Concrete plant.
  • Inspected Concrete and reinforcing steel for many commercial and residential projects.

Commercial/Residential: On site field and laboratory testing

  • Has extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of portland cement concrete and mix designs.
  • Performed quality control testing for aggregates and concrete following testing procedures as outlined.
  • Performed specialty testing of concrete for conformance requirements for concrete producers.

Civil Design, Inspections and Transportation: Estimating, Inspections and Project Management

  • Provided inspection work on projects associated for NeDOT and the City of Omaha.
  • Inspected and directed drainage installations such as: large box culverts, storm sewer, and collection basin for NeDOT. This project included placement testing of base soils for approximately one to two miles of new interstate.
  • Served as the Project Manager and Field inspector and coordinator of new project construction of storm sewer systems, subgrade, pavement and a new bridge for the City of Omaha.
  • Inspected structural steel frame for high strength bolting on new bridge in Kansas City, Mo

Education and On the Job Training

  • Engineering and construction management two-years at the University of  Nebraska
  • US Navy schools Communication Technician Naval Security Group
  • AD Criminal Justice Administration JCCC
  • AWS Welding Inspection Training


  • ACI  American Concrete Association and KDOT Kansas Department of Transportation
  • Concrete Strength Testing Technician
  • Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1
  • Aggregate Field Testing Technician
  • Aggregate Lab Testing Technician
  • Associate Welding Inspector AWS


Associations / Memberships:  AWS, ACI, MWCIB, ICBO