Be present for the inspection when buying a home

A common question we get from home buyers, when they schedule their home inspection with PST, is whether or not they need to be present for a home inspection. Yes, we ask that all buyers or prospective future owners are present for the inspection when purchasing a home. 

The process

The process begins when you call to schedule your inspection. You can pick from a whole house inspection or specific evaluation like a structural exam. During the inspection, your PST engineer or inspector walks through the property or home to document the property condition in his report. Depending on the inspection, some home evaluations can take as little as an hour to complete while others can take as much as six to eight hours. The engineer or inspector takes photos throughout the inspection. It’s necessary to have the water and electricity on for the inspection, otherwise something faulty may not show in the overall inspection of the property. After the inspection, the engineer discusses any concerns he (or you) may have and answer your questions. Whole house reports detailing the findings of the inspection are emailed within one to two business days after the inspection.

Why it’s important

It’s important to be present during the home inspection because the verbal communication is priceless.  The engineer or inspector can answer your questions and share any concerns regarding the property. He is there to identify the “unknown” for you. Being present allows you to familiarize yourself with the property further before completing the purchase of the property. Oftentimes, there are things that you as the prospective buyer didn’t see when you originally walked through the property with rose colored glasses. Being present for a property inspection is similar to when you go to the doctor and ask questions about how you’re feeling. Or if your child needed to see a cancer doctor, would you send the child in a taxi and then ask for written report? Of course not, consider the evaluation by PST as a doctor appointment for your property. Write your questions down ahead of time and get your concerns addressed.

Buying a home should be a good investment. A detailed, thorough inspection of the property by an engineer or inspector with more than 30 years experience is the wisest part of your investment into your new home.

We recommend, you ask for a 12-14 day inspection period in the contract when you put an offer on a home. This allows time for the inspection, to receive a written report and to receive the results of a radon test or even time to get bids from any necessary contractors to make the repairs that your engineer or inspector recommends. Call our Missouri office at 816-468-1200, our Kansas office at 913-219-2190 or fill out our service request form, if you would like to schedule an inspection appointment.


  1. I just got a new home! But I am a little bit worried about how safe it is. It is an older home so I want to make sure that if it has problems I catch them as soon as possible. I have been looking into getting my home inspected. I found the part where it says to be present during the home inspection very useful. I work a lot so I will need to make sure if I really do have an inspection done that I get off work so I can be present.

    • admin

      Hi, Lilia! Congrats on the new home! We’d be happy to walk you through the steps of a home inspection. Give us a call today.

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