Sagging Roof

Dear Robin:

Last month we hired a roofer to put new shingles on our home. Last week I noticed that there is now a dip or sag in the roof line. What can cause a roof to dip? Sincerely, My Roof is Sagging

Dear My Roof is Sagging:

Several things can cause a roof to sag or dip. The most common reason a roof sags is something has compromised the structural supports inside the attic that supports the roofing structure. Some sag in the roof framing is actually normal … but many things can cause the structural integrity to fail, like deterioration of structural boards or overloading the roof line from heavy wet snow or too many shingles stored on the roof. A structural engineer can examine the roof and the attic and determine the cause of the roof system failure and then write a recipe for repair. The engineer should be able to help you determine if you might be able to claim the damage on your homeowners insurance policy, or since you recently had new roof shingles installed, maybe the engineer can write a report that helps the insurance company better understand the cause of the damage.

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