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Dear Robin:

We own a home with a large deck that is 10 feet off the ground. We would like to enclose the deck and make a sunroom out of the deck. Can we do it easily?

Sincerely, I Want a Sunroom

Dear I want a Sunroom,

Dear I want a Sunroom, yes you can remodel the deck into a sunroom. Because you will be adding a roof covering, it is considered a room addition. Your Architect, CPBD, or Engineer will need to come evaluate the current deck and determine if the deck’s footings and original design is adequate to hold the additional weight. He or she will examine the roof and decide how to tie in the roof structure of the sunroom to the current roof system. He or she will need to draw blue prints with wind load calculations and other code compliant details. The blue prints and calculations wil be needed for permit applications in your local city or county.

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